Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pravaha-Curtain Raiser


A Bharatanatyam dance-theatre production by the alumni and students of SIFAS.

SIFAS has been presenting its students and alumni in Bharatanatyam productions on the Esplanade stage every other year since 2010.  External choreographers, who are masters in the art form, have choreographed these productions.  SIFAS students and alumni get an opportunity to work with world class choreographers and learn and absorb intricacies of the art form, while growing as artistes. Continuing this endeavour, SIFAS will be presenting Pravaha, a very unique production, conceptualised and choreographed by Sheejith Krishna, a very gifted and creative choreographer, who is also a Kalakshetra trained dancer and mridangist, with an innate feel for music and rhythm.  Pravaha will be a classical production with a contemporary touch. It will trace the journey of cloud, rain and river; the flow of the creative imagination set free, and the dance of the human spirit at one with nature. It will showcase through the idiom of Bharatanatym one of humankind’s greatest challenges today: preserving our rivers and lakes, perhaps our most precious natural resources.

Inspired by the rich lyricism of classical poetry on the iconic Ganga (the river Ganges), Kalidasa’s Meghadutam and other traditional and modern stories on cloud, rain and river, Pravaha will highlight, through the story of water, how the human response to nature has evolved over millennia, finding expression in mythology and sacred/secular art.

Through the medium of Bharatanatyam, you will be elevated to an experience beyond the mundane.

Come with us on the journey of cloud, rain and river.

Feel the flow.

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